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Holland Medicals, your supplier of affordable care equipment for everyone

A health care solution for everyone

Holland Medicals is the supplier for affordable care equipment for use in a home and care environment. A safe device should not be expensive. Our goal is to provide an adequate and safe solution for your situation that is affordable. 

Curious about what we can do for you? Please contact us for a tailor-made solution.

Holland Medicals
Sluiskade 1A | 9601 LA Hoogezand
+31 (0)598 380717

What can you expect when you choose for Holland Medicals?

More care that is inexpensive

Holland Medicals thinks that a good and safe device does not have to be expensive.

  • Design: a recognizable, but contemporary and distinctive appearance.
  • Quality: our products meet all applicable standards and requirements, and have all the traits and characteristics of a contemporary device.
  • Affordable: a device for an inexpensive price without sacrificing safety.
  • Durable: our products are all you can expect ... reliable, solid, lasting, trustworthy and dependable.

What about the service provided by Holland Medicals?

It’s just a bit different 

Some things are logical, what about:

  • Trade in: We will trade in your old shower stretcher or hoist for a new one with a discount on the price.
  • Prices: We want you to know what a product costs. That is why we are completely transparent about our prices on our website.