Shower Stretcher Thomas

T1 shower trolley nieuw

The 'Thomas' shower stretcher is a convenient facility allowing the user to shower in a safe and comfortable lying position.  The 'Thomas' shower stretcher is easy to maneuver, this makes it easy getting the user to the shower area. Using the foot pump the caregiver can adjust the  working height to maintain an ergonomic posture while assisting the user with washing, drying, dressing and undressing. The fold-down side rails provide the caregiver and the user added security.



  • Features: 

    • Hydraulic up and down with foot pump
    • Comfortable padded waterproof mattress
    • Wedge pillow
    • Fold-down steel side rails
    • Four braked wheels
    • Drain hose at foot end
    • Equipped with water-tilt for optimal water drainage
    • Easy to clean and dry

    Weight and dimensions:

    • Maximum user weight up to 190 kg
    • Length: 193 cm
    • Width: 72 cm
    • Length inside mattress: 175 cm
    • Width inside mattress: 57 cm
    • Lowest position: 58 cm
    • Highest position: 96 cm
     Application areas:

    • Care Home
    • Nursing Home
    • Hospital
    • Day Centre
    • Home Care

    • Electrical version
    • Short version is 160 cm
    • Optionally available with a length of 140, 150, 170 or 180 cm
    • Optionally available with a width of 60, 65, 70 or 80 cm