Wispa Lite


The ceiling mounted hoist Wispa Lite is an easy to move patient hoist. This is ideal for areas where that a hoist is normally not needed. With this solution it is possible to hoist everywhere with only 1 hoist and multiple pieces of rail. The Wispa Lite can also be combined with a ? and ?. In addition, the Wispa Lite can be used in a single (mono) rail system, but also with a double (X-Y) rail system, making it possible to transport throughout the entire room.




  • Features: 

    • Emergency stop with reset possibility
    • Emergency lowering function
    • Energy efficient and easy to charge
    • Visible and audible battery indication
    • Submersible hand control (for swimming pool)

    Weight and speed

    • Weight: 14.5 to 18.5 km (depending on options)
    • Lifting speed: 4 cm per second
    • Lowering speed: 11 cm per second

     Battery Capacity:  

    • 60 lifts per charge based on average 70 kg patient weight
    • 15-20 lifts per charge based on maximum load (130 or 190 kg)
     Application areas:

    • Care Home
    • Nursing Home
    • Hospital
    • Mortuary
    • Day Centre
    • Home Care


    • Manual traverse, powered traverse, or X-Y 
    • Turns 10, 15, 30, 45 and 90 degrees
    • Manual and electric roundabouts
    • Manual and electric points system
    • Wall Mount, ceiling mount and floor mounting